Technology and Agriculture: A Virtual Field Trip

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Technology and Agriculture: A Virtual Field Trip

While ranches and farm animals may seem more suited to a child’s picture book, Discovering Farmland’s recent Virtual Field Trip showcased the innovative science and technology that make agriculture far more than child’s play. In a live video from the from the Deere & Company World Headquarters in Illinois, the Virtual Field Trip led participating classrooms in discussion around using technology to increase sustainability in farming. Students heard from agricultural professionals about how iPads, GPS, and other technology tools are used in farming; they also heard about challenges facing farmers today.


Discovery Farmland provided classrooms with tools for activities and discussions before and after the Virtual Field Trip, and aligned them to science standards. Students across the country engaged with the event via Twitter, and participated in quizzes and games to measure their learning. This live video format connected classrooms with an exciting cultural resource - modern-day farmers and their tools - and gave a glimpse of farm life to students far away from Illinois


For video and resources from Discovering Farmland’s Virtual Field Trip, please click here.