A Literary House


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A Literary House

The Lillian Vernon House is one of the last places in Greenwich Village where you can go and hear authors present their literary works. The house, built in 1836 is full of historic charm that brings visitors back in time. For the past ten years, New York University has held its Creative Writing program at the house.

New York University purchased the house in 2007 and moved the program there to try and retain some of the bohemian culture that used to be heavily present in the village. Very few faculty members and students live in the neighborhood and the house serves as a meeting spot where people can come together and study together or hear some literature from exquisite writers such as Julia Pierpoint. Open Literature readings are typically offered on Thursday and Friday evenings. You can view a schedule of readings at THIS LINK.

Information taken from The New York Times Article "A Literary House Keeps the Village Spirit Alive."