#ColorOurCollections Connects Students and Archives


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#ColorOurCollections Connects Students and Archives

While the cold weather and a busy month of school may make field trips a logistical challenge, students can still connect with cultural institutions - without ever leaving the classroom! The New York Academy of Medicine’s #ColorOurCollections week is an opportunity for teachers looking to go beyond lesson plans featured on the Uncommon Approaches website. Starting today, the Academy is encouraging libraries and curators to share images from their collections for the public to color.


The Academy points out that libraries have access to a wealth of materials - art, books, and historical documents - that lend themselves well to coloring, including early books that were meant to be colored by hand. With materials from the museums, historical societies, science academies, and libraries, the #ColorOurCollections resources give students a hands-on way to connect to academics through art.

For more information, please click here or check the #ColorOurCollections tag on Twitter.