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The Lincoln Center for Performing Arts has long been a destination for the arts and culture.. However, times are changing and Center is making changes for the 21st century. The Center is launching a new digital initiative that will act as a virtual portal to the 16-acre mega complex. Through this new portal, visitors will be able to easily access interactive maps and more in order to fully explore the campus. The goal is to attract new audiences such as millennials to the Center.

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was recently signed into law by President Obama after sailing through the House and Senate, repealing No Child Left Behind. The new legislation allocates more power to states to hold schools and districts accountable for failing students, and rejects the overuse of standardized tests. More unconventionally, ESSA encompasses a plan that includes a more well-rounded education for all students; for the first time ever, music education is now included as a stand-alone subject, comparable with the likes of ELA and math.

All across the country, educators are coming to the conclusion that art plays and important role in the development of a comprehensive curriculum. So much so, that many are moving towards the STEAM approach rather than just STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). More and More people are realizing the importance of this movement and how integrated the subject areas are. 

In two articles for the New York Times, Steve Lohr explores some of the ways museums are incorporating digital technology into their exhibits and creating new digital tools that interpret data about their collections and research. Many of the projects you will read about in these articles are online and available for use in the classroom.

This article explores the benefits of culturally enriching field trips in a time when standardized test performance is overwhelmingly emphasized in public school curricula. The authors conducted an experiment to determine what students get out of seeing live theatre. The study showed significant improvement in students' knowledge of the play and ability to read other people's emotions as compared to the control group.