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The Lincoln Center for Performing Arts has long been a destination for the arts and culture.. However, times are changing and Center is making changes for the 21st century. The Center is launching a new digital initiative that will act as a virtual portal to the 16-acre mega complex. Through this new portal, visitors will be able to easily access interactive maps and more in order to fully explore the campus. The goal is to attract new audiences such as millennials to the Center.

While ranches and farm animals may seem more suited to a child’s picture book, Discovering Farmland’s recent Virtual Field Trip showcased the innovative science and technology that make agriculture far more than child’s play.

The Lillian Vernon House is one of the last places in Greenwich Village where you can go and hear authors present their literary works. The house, built in 1836 is full of historic charm that brings visitors back in time. For the past ten years, New York University has held its Creative Writing program at the house.

Students in England and Wales connected last week with an unusual cultural institution: the International Space Station.

While the cold weather and a busy month of school may make field trips a logistical challenge, students can still connect with cultural institutions - without ever leaving the classroom!