ELA Intermediate Lessons

ELA Intermediate Lessons

Throughout this lesson, students will read and discuss several aspects of Haudenosaunee tribal leadership and how they function. Students will draw comparisons between the processes of Haudenosaunee leadership and the laws and frameworks of the United States government as outlined in the Constitution.

Throughout this lesson, students will have the opportunity to learn about and experience the role that simple machines play in their daily lives. Students will examine various simple machines and what makes them go, and then participate in a school scavenger hunt to identify as many simple machines as they can.

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books have been immensely popular in the decades since the writer’s death. Using the NYS Historical Association’s history newsletter, “The Story of Almanzo Wilder: Farmer Boy, Part...

In this lesson, students explore an obscure pseudoscience of heroic medicine and evaluate its practices. Through handwritten letters between relatives, we peer into lives of those suspected of consumption (tuberculosis), and the consequences of the common medical treatment: administration of calomel (mercurous chloride). Herein, science,...

Learn about the role The Civilian Conservation Corps played in the creation and construction of Green Lake State Park. Green Lake State Park is a scenic State Park located near Syracuse.