Cultural Institutions

Cultural Institutions

Sullivan County

Brief Description of the county

Sullivan County is in the southern part of New York State, southeast of Binghamton and southwest of Albany. It is separated from Pennsylvania along its southwest boundary by the Delaware River. The county, which starts about 75 miles northwest of New York City, is in the Catskill Mountains.

The main mission of the CRMC Health Information Library is to serve the information needs of our staff. The CRMC Health Information Library also provides up-to-date health information from reliable sources at no charge to patients, their families...

The library offers many services to its patrons such as research assistance and homework help. They also organize many clubs and activities for people in the community.

The Delaware Free Library operates as a branch of the Western Sullivan Public Library.

The library selects from the mass of available materials, and organizes for easy access, those books and materials that best meet the needs of the Monticello, NY community.The library staff provides guidance and assistance for people to obtain...

The mission of the Fallsburg Library is to supply reading and other informational material for adults and children alike. Patrons who have special interest reading requests may acquire specific books through lending services with other libraries...