Cultural Institutions

Cultural Institutions

Essex County

Brief Description of the county

Essex County is in the northeastern part of New York State, just west of Vermont along the eastern boundary of the State. The eastern boundary of Essex County is Lake Champlain, which serves as the New York – Vermont border.

The library is a member of the Clinton Essex Franklin Library System, The objective of the System is to foster and improve public library service to the residents of the System area.

Long before the Revolution, the British and the French both claimed Crown Point in the struggle for a North American empire. Four failed campaigns to oust the French between 1755 and 1758 were mounted by the British. It was not until 1759,...

The Elizabethtown Library serves residents as their local branch of the Clinton Essex Franklin Library System.

The society runs a museum that includes a colonial garden and displays artifacts from over two centuries of life in Essex County and the central Adirondacks. Additionally, they have extensive archives available for research both digitally and in...

A popular destination for history lovers since the early 19th century, Fort Ticonderoga is one of America’s earliest historic preservation projects with efforts to preserve the site dating back to 1820.  When the restoration began nearly a...