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This article explores the benefits of culturally enriching field trips in a time when standardized test performance is overwhelmingly emphasized in public school curricula. The authors conducted an experiment to determine what students get out of seeing live theatre. The study showed significant improvement in students' knowledge of the play and ability to read other people's emotions as compared to the control group.

Jay P. Greene, Brian Kisida and Daniel H. Bowen explore the declining role of field trips in American public education. Seeking to prove the worth of visiting cultural institutions, the authors conducted an experiment which compared students who had recently visited an art museum on a field trip to those who had not.

Last week Mary Curry, a  teacher at St. Ephrem School, Brooklyn, described how she organizes her fourth grade science and social studies curriculum around the Hudson. Here, she explains how a visit to Wave Hill helped her activities and lessons come alive. Read her second post here http://www.teachingthehudsonvalley.org/really-know-river-part-2/

This is the first of two posts by Mary Curry, a fourth grade teacher at St. Ephrem School, Brooklyn. In the next installment, she describes her students’ visit to Wave Hill. Mary participated in our summer book group, reading Cultivating Joy & Wonder: Educating for Sustainability in Early Childhood Through Nature, Food, and Community by Emily Hoyler and Linda Wellings.

Debi Duke explores placed-based learning by utilizing the many great features of  Citizen Science. She outlines the many fun activities you can do based on the time of year it is. It is a great way to explore the amazing environment of the Valley!