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By Bill Batson October 30th, 2014 The building in my sketch at left, located in Haverstraw NY and the subject of Edward Hopper’s 1925 painting, House by the Railroad, maintains its vigil on Route 9W.

In two articles for the New York Times, Steve Lohr explores some of the ways museums are incorporating digital technology into their exhibits and creating new digital tools that interpret data about their collections and research. Many of the projects you will read about in these articles are online and available for use in the classroom.

Ashley Hopkins-Benton comes from a family of educators. She actively used place-based learning in her teaching methods and thinks it is a great way to engage in the community and provide real-life learning opportunities. In her blog post she outlines the program Toward a Greater Sense of Place, the program seeks to makje students aware of how great the Hudson Valley and Catskills are. Read more at http://www.teachingthehudsonvalley.org/place-based-learning-blood/