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Angela Rosheim, a library media specialist, faced a problem: Her elementary school students were requesting materials during genius hour—a time in which teachers provide resources for students to study topics of personal interest—that the school didn't have.

New York State organized the common school system in 1812 to provide basic education to all that sought it. One room school houses made up most of the system in the state, especially in Sullivan County. In 1870 there were 198 school districts in Sullivan county with only 196 teachers to run the schools. 

Check out the new Spring bookmarks from NYSculturalEd.org! They are a fun way for children to spring into cultural education this season!

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All across the country, educators are coming to the conclusion that art plays and important role in the development of a comprehensive curriculum. So much so, that many are moving towards the STEAM approach rather than just STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). More and More people are realizing the importance of this movement and how integrated the subject areas are. 


Teaching the Hudson Valley and the Mohonk Preserve's NatureAccess program believe all students--regardless of physical or cognitive challenges--benefit from visiting historic sites, museums, and parks.They are planning a daylong workshop for teachers and/or non-formal educators who want to learn ways to help make access to these resources a reality. Through March 16th, Teaching the Hudson Valley is conducting an online survey to gather more information about what will be most helpful to teachers. The survey does not take long to complete and the link can be found below.