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Last week Mary Curry, a  teacher at St. Ephrem School, Brooklyn, described how she organizes her fourth grade science and social studies curriculum around the Hudson. Here, she explains how a visit to Wave Hill helped her activities and lessons come alive. Read her second post here http://www.teachingthehudsonvalley.org/really-know-river-part-2/

This is the first of two posts by Mary Curry, a fourth grade teacher at St. Ephrem School, Brooklyn. In the next installment, she describes her students’ visit to Wave Hill. Mary participated in our summer book group, reading Cultivating Joy & Wonder: Educating for Sustainability in Early Childhood Through Nature, Food, and Community by Emily Hoyler and Linda Wellings.

Debi Duke explores placed-based learning by utilizing the many great features of  Citizen Science. She outlines the many fun activities you can do based on the time of year it is. It is a great way to explore the amazing environment of the Valley!

A March 2014 paper from The Education Policy Center at Michigan State University examines the role a science museum can play in improving student achievement in science. The paper, "An Investigation of The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago’s 2012-2013 Get Re-Energized Module," by William H. Schmidt and Leland S. Cogan, cites the need to support teachers of science, especially in the elementary and middle grades.