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Teaching the Hudson Valley and the Mohonk Preserve's NatureAccess program believe all students--regardless of physical or cognitive challenges--benefit from visiting historic sites, museums, and parks.They are planning a daylong workshop for teachers and/or non-formal educators who want to learn ways to help make access to these resources a reality. Through March 16th, Teaching the Hudson Valley is conducting an online survey to gather more information about what will be most helpful to teachers. The survey does not take long to complete and the link can be found below. 

In this blog post, Andrew Marcinek suggests answering some questions when designing instruction.  He writes:

Whether you are using technology or simply shaking up the myopic way that the textbook has forced many of us to teach for years, the key is to begin with some questions about your instructional design:

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The New York State Education Department Commissioner John B. KIng Jr. and Board of Regents Chancellor Meryl H. Tisch today released the graduation rates for the 2010 cohort (students who entered 9th grade in 2010). The overall graduation rate increased from 74.9 percent to 76.4 percent. The 2010 cohort is the first group of students to enter grade 9 following the State's adoption of the Common Core Standards. Despite the rigorous new standards, the recent graduation rate release shows a large increase from the 2001 graduation levels of 65.8 percent.

In the United States today, the PreK-12 marketplace for digital education materials like content and software is estimated at approximately $8 billion, and growing. In this article, education policy associate Lindsey Tepe describes the real possibility that this "bubble" may burst.

In her article “It’s Playtime” Joan Almon, co-founder of the Alliance for Childhood, writes “Play-based learning is a term that embraces two approaches simultaneously. One is that children are given ample time to carry their own ideas into play—with assistance from teachers as needed.