Science Elementary Open Educational Resources

Science Elementary Open Educational Resources

Take a moment and place your hand over your heart. Can you feel it beating? The human heart is an incredible organ that has a very important role to play in how your body works. It works as a pump to push blood through your body, which you need to live. The heart has many parts, and it works in neat ways with many other parts of your body, like...

The National Science Teachers Association has compiled a series of helpful, free books and resources for science teachers. Resources include DVDs, CDs, educational kits, and more.  

The National Education Association (NEA) has put together a list of what they consider to be the ten best STEM resources for preK-12 educators. These resources pertain to curriculum as well as professional development and include lesson plans, interactive game and activity ideas, and links to particularly useful websites.

The Staten Island Museum offers many educational programs for students and teachers both at the museum and in the comfort of your classroom. All of their programs meet the NYC Scope and Sequence, NY State, and Common Core ELA and Math standards. The museum seeks to support classroom teaching with their content and provides a variety of pre- and...

The New York Hall of Science in partnership with Target will provide free field trips to third and fourth grade students who attend Title 1 New York City Public Schools. Students will receive a Science Journal that will be used to record their observations at two of the most popular exhibits at NYSCI.