New York State Museum Metropolis Teacher Guide

New York State Museum Metropolis Teacher Guide

Completed in 1980 and sporting a number of recent additions, the New York State Museum’s New York Metropolis exhibits portray the merger of New York City’s exquisite natural resources with its diverse and dynamic human populations. This teachers’ guide is designed to walk you and your students through these exhibits in ways that will make your visit scholastically useful and memorable while making optimum use of your time. 

Name of Cultural Institution : 
The New York State Museum
OER Standards: 

Social Studies

3.1—understand the characteristics, functions and applications of aerial photographs.

3.2—acquire, organize, and analyze geographic information; formulating conclusions from maps, photographs.

Mathematics, Science and Technology

4.7—describe how living things, including humans, depend upon the living and nonliving environment for their survival. 

6.1—Interconnectedness: recognize how parts of a system interrelate and combine to perform specific functions; describe the [interdependencies] between engineering systems, natural systems and social systems.