Find a Science Fair Project Idea

Find a Science Fair Project Idea

Does your school have a science fair coming up? Are students struggling to land on a project idea? This resource brought to you by Science Buddies presents over 1,150 project ideas in all areas of science. There is even a topic selection tool that can help students identify the area of science in which they are most interested and then pick a project idea from there. In addition to science fair project resources, this site features fun ideas for family-oriented science activities that can be done at home.

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Science Buddies
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Science Buddies, Hands On Resources for Home and School, Find a Science Fair Project Idea. Web. Nov 2014.

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Next Generation Science Standards

  • K-5 Elementary
  • 6-8 Physical Sciences
  • 6-8 Life Sciences
  • 6-12 Earth and Space Sciences
  • 6-12 Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science