High School Graduation Rates Show Continuous Gains


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High School Graduation Rates Show Continuous Gains

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The New York State Education Department Commissioner John B. KIng Jr. and Board of Regents Chancellor Meryl H. Tisch today released the graduation rates for the 2010 cohort (students who entered 9th grade in 2010). The overall graduation rate increased from 74.9 percent to 76.4 percent. The 2010 cohort is the first group of students to enter grade 9 following the State's adoption of the Common Core Standards. Despite the rigorous new standards, the recent graduation rate release shows a large increase from the 2001 graduation levels of 65.8 percent. These numbers means that more than 20,000 students graduated in 2014 than in 2005. 

Graduation rates reported statewide and for Big 5 Districts have generally increased, particularly in New York City, for the 2010 cohort.  Graduation rates in the Big 5 for the 2010 cohort are as follows:
New York City: 64.2 percent (61.3 percent for the 2009 cohort)
Buffalo: 52.8 percent (53.4 percent for the 2009 cohort)
Rochester: 43.4 percent (43.0 percent for the 2009 cohort)
Syracuse: 51.1 percent (48.8 percent for the 2009 cohort)
Yonkers: 68.8 percent  (66.4 percent for the 2009 cohort)

“The reforms we started in 2010 are being put into practice every day in classrooms across the state, and we’re starting to see the benefits,” Tisch said.  “It is clear, however, that the work of implementing the higher standards is not done. The percentage of students earning Regents Diplomas with Advanced Designation remains flat.  The Board of Regents is committed to making sure that all students have the opportunity to graduate ready for college or a career.  That’s why we’re moving forward to create multiple pathways to graduation, each focused on a rigorous coursework and program of study.”